I’m a fucking moron.

That was going to be the entire post. But for the benefit of my future self, I will expand on it.

I still don’t have my gambling impulses under control. I find myself chasing some stupid, short-term, and uninformed speculative bets.

I don’t know why I do it. But I noticed this time that the urge came after I developped strong feelings of regret over a previous decision of mine (specifically, irrationally getting out of oil). As if I was trying to erase the pain of the mistake with a quick win.

It tells me I have a higher view of myself than I thought. I really thought I was a humble guy, but the evidence points to the contrary, since I’m having some real painful cognitive dissonance once I realize that I did something stupid.

The problem is, as I try too hard to ease the pyschological discomfort, it leads me into making an even bigger blunder!

OK, let’s try and make a productive post out of this.

Assume I’ll be a brand new person tomorrow morning, what advice would I give myself?

It would be this:

If a decision of yours turns out to be a mistake,

know that you are in grave danger of compounding that mistake into a bigger one.


until the feelings of shame and regret dissipate completely.

Until next time, stay cool & stay invested!