TL;DR: I expect the already growing & significant consumer products revenues to keep climbing higher in calendar H2 2022. A “kind of a step-wise function”.

  • Degrassi (HBO Max)

    • Announced Jan 2022
    • Distribution: 788 episodes
    • Production: New series, U.S. only. Value = 5x previous Degrassi worldwide production.n

(I believe the previous Degrassi production was with Netflix, announced in June 2015, but I wasn’t able to figure out how much it was worth)

  • Yo Gabba Gabba! (Apple TV)

    • Announced Sep 2021
    • Distribution: the complete Gabba library
    • Production: 20 half-hour new episodes
  • Chip & Potato (Netflix)

    • Announced Nov 2021
    • Distribution: Season 3 plus 3 specials
    • Consumer Products: partnership with JAKKS Pacific, to launch in Fall 2022 in Nort America, the UK and Australia.

(Chip & Potato was launched in 2019; means it takes up to 3 years from production to consumer products)

  • Strawberry Shortcake (Netflix, YouTube, Roblox)

    • Netflix:
      • Announced Nov 2021
      • Production: 4 new specials
    • Youtube & Roblox:
      • Announced Sep 2021
      • Distribution: new series, Berry in the Big City
    • Roblox:
      • New game, Bake with Strawberry Shortcake
    • Consumer Products: signed a further wave of licensees; licensees include Chef Too! (culinary educational), Bahama Buck’s (ice cream), Moose Toys (Master Toy), Penguin Random House (publishing), Dolls Kill and Unique Vintage (apparel & accessories), etc.

(The consumer products numbers will start hitting in 2022)

  • Sonic Prime (Netflix)

    • Announced Feb 2021
    • Production: 24 episodes (set to premiere in 2022)
    • Consumer Products: parntership with JAKKS Pacific, announced Jan 2022. Products to be available worldwide in 2023.
  • Johnny Test, Go Dog Go! (Netflix):

    • More seasons to be distributed on Netflix in 2022
  • Jonny Jetboy (iQiyi):

    • Announced Jan 2022
    • Global partnership (production, distribution, and licensing outside of China)

(From creator of Paw Patrol!)

  • Jay Ward:

    • Announced Feb 2022
    • Collaboration on distribution, production and licensing for the entire portfolio of classic Ward-owned IP

(This is an Ellenbogen win, thanks to his prior collaboration with Tiffany Ward)

My favorite bit from the earnings call (referring to the Peanuts franchise):

[...] what an amazing marketing partner Apple is and how dedicated they are to this franchise

Until next time, stay cool & stay invested!