This is a quick note I decided to write immediately after reading Chris Mayer’s most recent blog post, titled: Hold Fast: Tips for 100 Baggers.

I don’t think I’ll be adding much value here, so I recommend you read the original instead. I just want to make sure I distill it down to the core points and help my brain remember. 8iu8iu8iu8iu8iu8iu

  • Focus on the business performance, through a few key metrics (Revenues, EPS, ROE for example)

  • Block the noise. There will always be noise and volatility in the short-term. Hold fast!

  • When people lose their moral and lose interest in the stock market, that’s where you should want to invest

I’ve been thinking a lot about my (lack of) performance in the last 1.5 years. It occurred to me that I made SO MANY moves, got in and out of so many stocks, it’s borderline comical.

No more.

I’m looking for amazing businesses I can hold for a very, very long time. Currently looking at Copart and Evolution Gaming in particular. There’s a high likelihood that I’ll start buying these soon…and holding fast.

Until next time, stay cool & stay invested!