This one will be short and sweet.

I wanted to close the loop on Aimia ($AIM.TO) as well as share what I did in the energy space, and why.

On Aimia

I wrote a piece about it previously.

My decision on this one is to wait and see. In order for me to get excited by an event-drive situation, the upside has to be an obvious multibagger, which is not the case here.

So I will keep an eye on it. What would get me really interested is if something unexpected and seemingly catastrophic happens, causing an emotional reaction from current shareholders.

On Energy

My energy holdings represent about 6.5% of my portfolio as of today. I was very conservative in my sizing here, mostly because I have no expertise in this space, so I felt that a bigger position was not warranted.

The other reason is that I wanted to wait for the omicron wave to pass in the US. I didn’t not expect these stocks to run so fast; I’m up anywhere between +10% and +40% on some of them already, in a matter of days. I have 9 different names in the space to hedge my ignorance, the bigger position being Surge Energy ($SGY.TO) at 1% of the portfolio.

Looking forward

There’s a nanocap met coal stock that I have been eyeing for some time. It is extremely cheap but extremely illiquid as well. Some days it doesn’t have any shares trading! I already a super small position but I’ve decided to increase it a bit.

I’ll share the name once I have my desired position (it’s so illiquid I don’t need more competition :p).

P.S. I’ve been dubbed “WingIt Capital” yesterday on twitter due to this tweet:

I thought it was so funny and accurate, I ran with it - changed my username, and even purchased for $19/year :p

Until next time, stay cool & stay invested!