How do you know that you are thinking clearly? Or seeing clearly?

If we are using our own judgment to assess the quality of our judgment…you see the issue.

I guess that in order to break the infinite loop, we need something external to ourselves and (this is the critical part) independent from our current frame of mind.

Something external can be access to peers whose opinions we respect and who are not involved in the matter at hand (so we can hope that they don’t have any a prior bias).

I don’t have that as of today, so that’s something I hope to fix soon.

Regardless, I think I need a set of rules that determine when I am allowed to make investment decisions.

Such rules could be a simple as: no trading allowed after sleepness nights, no matter how urgent the situation seems to be.

While this has the disadvantage of not acting fast enough when an emergency does occur, I think the tradeoff is more than favorable. Because by definition, the false positives are way more frequent than the true positives. And even for the true positives, sometimes doing nothing is still the best course of action.

Long story short: rule #1 is No trading allowed unless I had my 8 hours of sleep..

Until next time, stay cool & stay invested!