This is a summary of a truly fantastic episode of the “Grit Happens” podcast, featuring Glenn Stearns, founder and CEO of Kind Lending.

This episode was shared to me by Sean Iddings as it pertains to $EXPI and SUCCESS Lending, a joint venture between eXp World Holdings and Kind Lending. In other words, this is the baby of not one but two intelligent fanatics.

Below are my takeaways from that episode, as I find it easier to retain inforrmation when I read/write it than when I hear it. Please note that most of it is just me paraphrasing what Glenn or Mindy said.


If you’re going to attempt to be succesful at anything, you need to have thick, thick skin. People will knock you down, there’s gonna be issues left ad right and problems that you don’t foresee. That’s just the nature of the game.

How do you get resilience? You earn it. You have to take some beatings. After a while, you build thicker skin.

Focus on the sun beyond the clouds, even when you can’t find happyness anywhere.

“Be still and know that I am God”. And then get to work.

The tough times define who you are. When your back is against the wall, and you stand to lose it all. “Tough times don’t last, but tough people do”.

You can either buck up and get to work, or you can be a victim and let your circumpstances consume you.

One little thing, one small detail can save your entire life. Find it. Go after it. With everything you’ve got.

Go the extra-mile. Go further than everybody goes. When you’re just about to give up, go just a little bit further. Because sometimes that next step beyond giving up is when things change.

When you get to the point of “I just can’t do it anymore - I’m done”, that’s when you have to dig in deep and push ahead and find that mindset that says: “OK, there might be something on the other side of this.”

Do what it takes, get in front of people’s face, make it happen.

Book suggestion: Resilience: How to Turn Adversity into Strength.

Quote from the book:

“When the world says: give up!,

Hope whispers: try it one more time”


Keep your word. Do what you say you’re going to do. Make it the cornerstone of your success.

You can’t buy back your integrity once it has been tarnished. If you make a promise and break it, that stays with you.

When the hand shake is done, your bond is there.

Think of the long-term game (or even better: the infinite game).

If you break your word once, the rest of your life, you will find other excuses where it’s OK this time, just this one more time, to give up your integrity. And it’ll happen again and again and again.

Zero tolerance with integrity.

There’s not enough money in the world that can buy your integrity. Your word is your word, and money can’t get you out of it.

It’s OK to walk to the edge and take a look. You can test the edges and see where they are. But then you have to listen to that voice that says: “Do the right thing”.

Because you will either walk in bright light and good luck and great karma, or you walk with a dark cloud over your head.

People don’t have dark clouds over their head by accident or because of bad luck. It’s because they cut corners and they don’t live to the letter of the internal law.


Richard Branson was having dinner at Glenn Stearns' house. They had a lot of wine together. He gets ready to leave around 1am.

Glenn walks him to his car and this poor guy was out there waiting and he was shaking and he says: “Uhm Mr Branson, you must have left the lights on, because the car wont start”. He was all nervous because he saw this coming and the car wouldn’t start.

Glenn watches as this poor kid feeds the bad news to Mr Branson, Mr Cool, the guy that’s never rattled…but what is Mr Cool like when he’s a little…loose, you know, and he has been delivered bad news? Does he yell at this kid? What does he do?

Glenn is super curious to see what happens and starts circling around to watch the reaction, looking for the twitch. And then Mr Branson turns to him and says: “Looks like we need another bottle of wine!”.

When asked about his past failures, Richard Branson says he has none. He just learned a ton.

Bonus Key to Success: Going Beyond

Play above your surroundings. Do better than what is expected. Do different from everyone else.

Bonus video

A joint interview with both Glenns. It’s about kindness and joy. It’s about the people.

Two intelligent fanatics for the price of one!

Until next time, stay cool & stay invested!