This month’s positive performance was driven mainly by CTS.TO which has been a great holding so far (up more than 100% since first purchase), and NUR.CN which is down around 30% since first purchase but made a nice comeback this month. The big losers were PBX.V, JTR.V and NEWU.V.

PBX.V was trimmed significantly this month in expectation of the shares and warrants that will become free-trading on June 10th, on top of the uncertainty around used cars availability during the month of May. If the stock goes lower in June, I will re-enter. The CEO Kelly Jennings has been buying relentlessly in the open market as of late.

The positions as of May 31st 2021 are as follows:


XX.V and AEP.V are new additions. They are both roll-ups in a boring industry. The stocks are cheap. I spoke on the phone with the CEO of AEP.V.

NUR.V has been a drag. In hindsight, it was an over-sized and rushed bet.

While I’m comfortable with my WELL.TO and CTS.TO positions, I will most likely trim them a bit and add to the two cheaper ones mentioned above.

MKO.V is an undervalued cashflowing gold miner.

Until next time, stay cool & stay invested!